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You Are Loved

18 Oct

Did you know that God loves you more than you can love Him? Did you know that He thinks about you even when you have forgotten about Him or shoved Him out of your schedule. Don’t fall victim to the shame that comes from falling out of touch with Him. He has not lost touch with you. Turn around and meet Him. He has been with you right there, the whole way, waiting for you to turn and seek Him again.

I was talking with Will Perry our High School Director at the Frisco campus and he told me about something that Pastor Scott Cavender said to him about volunteers. He said, “Volunteers are not a means to get the ministry done. They are the ministry.” I am so thankful for that wisdom and for the accuracy with which this describes Hope’s distinctive culture. I am so thankful that YOU are my ministry! I am so thankful for the leadership of this church from John on down that is committed to this style of servanthood leadership. It is my privilege to see you continuing to grow in your walk with the Lord as you serve in the ministry of leading worship. Let’s keep reaching for less of us and more of Him!



The Cookie-Cutter Worship Leader

2 Oct

All worship leaders are not the same!  A church culture that seeks simply to reproduce “Cookie-Cutter” worship leaders is a church that is crippling their worship leaders and hindering their natural development.  The simple truth is that we as worship leaders are designed by God, uniquely gifted, and beautifully different.

This blog is for those who might be struggling to find identity as a worship leader.  My prayer is that Hope Fellowship might become a church where worship leaders are developed and equipped to lead and to discover who they were created to be as worship leaders.

I believe that identity is found as you embrace rather than ignore, seek growth rather than transformation, and as you lead through yourself.

1: Embrace, don’t Ignore.

Embrace who you are.  Don’t continually ignore who you are in an attempt to be like someone else.  This is often easier said than done, but the best worship leaders are the men and women who have embraced what God has given them.  Embracing who you are will lead you down a road to confidence, while ignoring who you are will lead you down a road to continual frustration.

2: Seek Growth, not Transformation

As worship leaders, our goal is continual growth so that we may honor the Lord with the calling and talent with which He has entrusted us.  However, as I spend time with many worship leaders and potential worship leaders, I realize that many are not seeking growth, but rather a complete transformation.  They see a worship leader who appears to lead with an unbelievable confidence, and they begin the impossible process of attempting to transform themselves into something that God never intended them to be.  My point here is simple; although we can learn so much from each other, God has uniquely equipped us.  In other words, grow continually for the glory of God, but reject continually the notion that you must transform into someone else in order to lead well.

3: Lead through Yourself

Some jump and some are subdued.  Some move and others are still.  Some look effortless and others pour great emotion into every note.  Some naturally want to close their eyes and others make eye contact with as many people as possible.  Some are soft-spoken, and others are loud.  Some play an instrument and others do not.  Some are men and some are women.  Some are young and some are… not so young.  There is no universal description of a worship leader.  Diversity is beautiful and necessary.  My encouragement is to lead through yourself.  Lead through the gifts, talents, and the personality that God has given you.