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Worship Set List- Weekend of June 8th & 9th

11 Jun

Our Frisco and McKinney campuses used the same songs in our worship set this past weekend. We also learned a new song called In Your Light. You can listen to it here and come ready to sing it again this weekend!


In Your Light- Bethel Live


Our God- Chris Tomlin (It’s always nice to bring classics back every once and while!)


Set a Fire- Will Reagan and the United Pursuit


This weekend we had a time of prayer and reflection at the end of service. These are some of my favorite moments with the Lord.

God I Look to You- Bethel Live


Wisdom and Worship

6 Jun

We are reading through and studying the book of Proverbs together over the next few months at Hope and I am so excited! Proverbs is so full of practical wisdom to help us make better decisions. What I love most is that wisdom is all about worship. When we talk about inspiring and developing leaders who are committed to a lifestyle of God worship, we are talking about living wisely. Here’s how I see it breaking down:


1. Having Godly wisdom is knowing God’s will in a given circumstance.

2. Living with Godly wisdom is choosing God’s will over our own.

3. Choosing God’s will over our own is called obedience.

4. Obedience is worship.


Wisdom is not just about making better decisions or being a better person. It is about worship. 


God fill us with wisdom that we may worship you!


photo credit: Abe K via photopin cc