Audition Resources


We are so grateful that you have expressed an interest in serving on the worship team here at Hope Fellowship. Our audition process is set up to give you the opportunity to do your best. If you have any questions regarding the process or the resources posted here, please contact Anne Lunsford,

Step #1 – Fill out the Personal Profile.

Please fill out the Personal Profile. It will probably take about 30 minutes and will provide us with some general information about you while also shedding some light on your personal story.


Step #2 – Receive an Audition Time

Once we receive your Personal Profile we will provide you with a time slot for one of our monthly auditions. These take place on the first weekend of each month at both the Frisco and McKinney campuses. (Frisco on Saturday and McKinney on Sunday)

Step #3 – Download audition resources and practice.

Please download the resources specific to the role for which you are auditioning. To download files, please right click on links and choose “Save as”.

The Practice Track has the vocals and/or parts on it that you will perform so that you can learn them.  The Audition Track is the actual track we will use for your audition.

ATTENTION VOCALISTS: Please be prepared to sing the first two verses of “Amazing Grace” a capella in your audition in addition to the other two songs.

ATTENTION ELECTRIC GUITARISTS: Please be prepared to both the lead and rhythm parts in your audition.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Female Lead

Lead Practice Track: Cannons Female Lead Vocal Practice Track
Lead Audition Track: Cannons Female Lead Audition Track
Lyrics: Cannons-lyrics

Harmony Practice Track: Furious Female Harmony Vocal Practice Track
Harmony Audition Track: Furious Femaie Harmony Vocal Audition Track
Lyrics: Furious-lyrics

Lyrics: AmazingGrace

Male Lead

Lead Practice Track: Furious Male Lead Vocal Practice Track 
Lead Audition Track: Furious Male Lead Vocal Audition Track
Lyrics: Furious-lyrics

Harmony Practice Track: Cannons Male Harmony Vocal Practice Track
Harmony Audition Track: Cannons Male Harmony Vocal Audition Track
Lyrics: Cannons-lyrics

Lyrics: AmazingGrace

Acoustic Guitar

Practice Track: Furious Full Band Demo Track with Click and Cues
Audition Track: Furious Acoustic Guitar Audition Track
Chords: Furious – C



Chords: Relentless-D

Electric Guitar

Chords: Cannons-B


Chords: Cannons-B

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