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Good Headphone Option

5 Sep

Hey guys and gals,

Our fellow team member Ashley Paukovitz found these pretty cool and inexpensive headphones on the other day and I thought you might be interested.

They come with a number of different in ear inserts, they are clear, and they wrap around the back of your ear much like more expensive kinds.


A little disclaimer, they are probably ideal for vocalists, but not for instrumentalists (especially drums and bass).

Here is the link. If you are in the market for a decent pair but don’t want to drop $100 on some, this may be a good option.


Thanks Ashley!



Now Introducing…

17 Jul

Welcome friends to your new home for all things awesome concerning the worship team!

The more we pursue inspiring and developing leaders who are committed to a lifestyle of God-worship, the more convinced we are that this is the direction in which the Lord is leading us.

We have asked ourselves the question, “If we are serious about this mission statement, how are we inspiring and developing you outside of what we do on the weekend?”

This blog and the resources that we will provide here are part of our answer to that question. We would like for you to consider this an important point of connection for your ongoing development as a worship leader.

Our goal is to post 1-2 times per week with various encouragement, links, resources, updates, etc. that will be beneficial for you and our team to hear.

Stay tuned and get ready to grow and be challenged.

Rock it out!

Extreme Days Songs

29 Jun

This past week Hope Fellowship hosted Extreme Days (our version of VBS) and over 1000 kids attended! It was such an awesome week to be a part of Hope. During the week, they used one of our original songs called “God Is Big Enough”. It was written by our student songwriting team a couple of years ago to be the theme song for kids camp. We had such great response after this week from people who loved the song so I thought I would post it here for you to download.

God Is Big Enough – Final

As an added bonus, here are links to the other songs that we used during Extreme Days.

(Jesus You’re My) Superhero by Hillsong Kids
Jesus, What a Friend by Kids on the Move



Worship Pastor @ Hope Fellowship

Hello team!

8 May

Welcome to!  This is our new home for all things Hope worship! Enjoy!